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Customers who currently use the F2 dealership software solution include distributors and the full range of franchise automotive dealership operations, from the small (less than $10 million in revenue), to the large with over $200 million in revenue. This includes car and agriculture distributors and dealers from the small standalone motorcycle dealer through to large multi-company, multi-location, multi-franchise enterprises.

To cope with this diversity, F2 is highly configurable, allowing distributors to operate differently to car dealers and car dealers to track completely different information compared to agriculture dealers with their wholegoods, bike dealers with motorcycles and truck operations with trucks.

These customers all rely on us for the efficiency and reliability of their core business systems, thus we have in place the business processes geared to deliver this reliability, day in day out, year in year out, leading to customer relationships that span decades.


Delivering Consistency

To deliver this consistency, we value long term relationships. However our expectations are high, so as a rule, employees and suppliers are either with us a very long time or a very short time!

We also work closely with those companies who deliver other IT services to our customers. These include network services, data feeds such as Red Book vehicle pricing and ‘Superservice’ menu pricing, as well as parts pricing catalogues, web companies, finance companies, etc.

Our company is focused on seeking continuous improvement in business processes for our customers and this is reflected internally where we continually seek more effective ways to deliver our services.

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