Reliable Data for Decision Making

Strong accounting consistency.

‘Best practice’ as it applies to each enterprise is enforced by F2’s embedded business ‘rules’. This is backed up by F2’s training and tutorial systems, resulting in strong accounting consistency.
The rules also remove the need for ‘manual coding’ and enforce accuracy at point of entry.
The real time posting engine eliminates ‘rollovers’ at end of day, end of month and end of year. This in turn enables accurate dashboard reporting.
Financial controllers maintain control using the automated account reconciliation feature which ‘auto rec’s’ leaving just the discrepancies to be reviewed and written off which is also automated.

Management Report

 Management Report

Reliable Business Intelligence

Dashboard reporting

With the embedded business rules, posting engine and account reconciliation function taking care of data consistency, financial report formatting and budgeting is delivered using Excel. This provides F2 users with a familiar and powerful formatting tool.

The line managers are provided with ‘dashboard’ reporting showing the minute by minute ‘state of gross’ for their department along with a raft of KPI charts and summaries. This is backed up by daily and monthly financial summaries delivered via Excel.

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