Find out why leading dealers such as CAL Isuzu and Power Farming turn to us when they need help increasing efficiency throughout their dealerships.

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F2 | The Best Dealer Management System (DMS) for Dealers across New Zealand & Australia

Affordable, Scalable, Fully-Integrated, Customisable, Robust.

Best of all F2 is driven by it’s users. Your feedback provides the platform and the direction for constant evolution of F2. Software companies today need to be agile to deal with the rapid evolution of technology and the changing market requirements that arise as a result of this. To strengthen competitive advantage for our customers, we provide them with a direct and formal input into the development of F2. The software used by thousands today is a direct result of our customer’s needs wants and desires over the previous 28 years.

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Dealers from the AgricultureCarTruck & Motorcycle industries

have relied on F2 for over 28 years to operate more profitable and efficient dealerships.

F2 | The Complete Software Solution for Your Dealership

F2 streamlines each area of your dealership to deliver greater levels of efficiency. From AdminSalesPartsServiceCRM right through to F&I each area is operated and reported on from a single solution.

F2 helps streamline dealership operations with the goal of delivering value and driving efficiency every step of the way. Our software is fully integrated to facilitate collaboration between different dealership departments. Accounting is tight to ensure costs and profits are recorded in the department for which they belong, as a result, dealer principals and departmental managers have access to reliable and consistent reporting across the entire organisation.

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F2 Dealership Software

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