F2 brings you a proven software solution which improves your business processes and drives efficiency throughout your dealership.

Your new, fully-integrated, Dealer Management System takes care of everything so you can maximize your return on investment.







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Reliable. Accurate. Real-time

No more bogus numbers

F2 has an extremely robust back-end database (SQL) driving accurate reporting with “drill-through” to documents that impact your bottom line.

View information for whatever date you like

Choose the date of your liking and hit GO. F2 gives you access to your historical data, it’s also “real-time” so you have up-to-the minute information.

Save time cleaning up others mess

See front-end control in action, F2’s embedded business rules stop front-end counter staff making sloppy transactions, freeing up time and reducing the mess.

F2 Dealership Reporting

Maintain Inventory. Set Accurate Pricing. Enjoy Transparency.

Sugested Stock Order

Maintain accurate inventory

Use our suggested stock order, add parts to orders right from the sales screen or monitor part movement with a comprehensive list of reports. The choice is yours.

Change pricing easily

F2 has a flexible pricing matrix for setting pricing and discounts for individual customers, groups of customers or type of parts sold.

Stop stock leakage

F2 links orders & parts to jobs and customers, so you know what parts are for when you come to receipt them. Enjoy the unmatched transparency as you track parts through your dealership

Easy to Use

Sell a part in 2 clicks or order new parts with 2 more, direct from the sales screen.

Request a DemoService Workshop Management like no other system.

Flexible job scheduling tools

Schedule new service jobs to the hour, day or technician. User our technician assignment tool, service work schedule tool or make bookings on the fly with quick booking functionality throughout F2.

Streamline your service department

Use F2’s powerful costing and invoicing tools. Txt/email follow-up, one-click invoicing, create predefined jobs, multiple invoices per job, multiple vehicles per job.

Sophisticated labour analysis

Virtually unlimited reporting across your service department, break jobs down by type (Internal/Warranty etc.) and see technician productivity and efficiency for any date range.



Easy. Integrated. Automated.

Measure the effectiveness of sales & marketing

Track salesperson performance, leads and customers across all of your dealership in one simple reporting dashboard.

Manage your prospects across the buying cycle

View prospects across a customisable pipeline, see where your at and never let another prospect fall through the cracks.

Easy access to customer information

F2 has all the information you would expect plus you can set alerts, group customers, add relationships, documents, or see the customers purchase history…all in one place.

Dealership Sales Software

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The most sophisticated dealer management system CRM available today.

F2 Dealership CRM

Save time keeping in touch

Autotouch* enables high volume communication to your customers. Using automation, F2 ensures effortless communication across multiple touchpoints.

Understand your customer base

Marketing Mine allows you to understand, segment, group & target your customers like no other system. Improve marketing ROI with tailored promotions.

Complete customer view from the CRM HUB

Execute all of your sales and CRM tactics from a single area. Access customer details, vehicle details, see your pipeline, to-do list/diary from a single screen.

Reliable, Accurate & Consistent Reporting

Make decisions based upon accurate data

Transparent reports with “drill through” to source documents enable you to be confident your making decisions based on accurate data.

Take control of your dealership

F2’s account reconciliation tool stops profit leakage. Problems are exposed and dealt with swiftly.

Complete control over reporting

Financial reporting through Excel provides you unlimited flexibility when producing and  presenting reports. present information in a format that works for you.

Dealership Reporting

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