When the requirements of your dealership change, so does your software.

F2′s responds to changes in the dealership environment by incorporating the needs of its users into the development process.

Few IT companies manage to maintain an active user group for any length of time. All too often ‘User Conferences’ degenerate into drinking sessions or whinging sessions or a combination of the two. However, Comsol has maintained an active and effective user group for many years and 2013 saw the 28th annual conference. The conferences, organised by the user group executive, provide the opportunity for F2 users to share experiences through both the social activities, and through a series of formal workshops, run by experienced F2 users.

Each conference is attended by a range of dealership and distribution personnel and includes the Annual General Meeting of the user group trust, a formal organisation set up to look after the interests of F2 users.

The Annual General Meeting elects a user group executive who meet with COMSOL on a regular basis to prioritise development projects, set long term strategy, and deal with any issues raised by the F2 users.

The success of F2 is in no small part down to the active interest taken in the product by its many and varied users.

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