Keep Track of Everything

Complete parts inventory management.

F2 is a fully featured multi-company, multi-branch, multi-franchise inventory management and sales system. It brings together on a single sales form the ability to sell parts to a customer, issue them to a job, handle procured parts, indicate part availability and pricing. This results in huge gains in staff productivity.

The sales, requisition and ordering form pulls onto a single form all the common front counter functions. No longer do staff switch forms for counter sales, requisitions, inter-branch transfers, quoting or daily orders.



F2 makes Inventory Management Easy

Link customer and stock orders.

F2 links customer orders to the supplier order, delivering customer allocations and automated order release functionality. The suggested stock order process uses a well proven algorithm to determine future demand based on sales history and ‘days cover’ parameters. Like the customer orders, this feeds into the supplier order process which provides for order exporting, back order processing and freight allocation.
As well as a parts credit note function, F2 includes a parts return facility with reconciliation against supplier credit notes, along with supersessions, relateds and equivalents.

Streamline your Parts Department

Optimise inventory levels and pricing

Inventory is maintained at optimum levels using reorder strategies and supporting reporting tools. Inventory can be increased or decreased over time by the tweaking of a single parameter.
Unlimited price types are available, and a customer pricing matrix enables pricing to be tuned by stock line and/or by department to individual customers or groups of customers.



Easy to Use

Reporting to drive gross.

Unlimited transaction history is maintained and previous invoices, orders and credit notes are located and retrieved in seconds using the intuitive ‘daemon’ technology. All documents can be emailed and SMS communications are provided. All this is supported by real-time reporting including dashboard sales activity, KPI measurements and salesperson performance.

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